Diagnostic Assesment & Clinical Consultation

A diagnostic assessment (DA) is a written report that documents the clinical and functional face-to-face evaluation of a recipient’s mental health, and includes:

Diagnostic Assessment and Clinical Consultation services may also include the following additional services, depending on the needs of the recipient.

Explanation of Findings

Explanation of findings is provided to the client, client's family, and caregivers, or to other providers to help them understand the results of the testing or diagnostic assessment, better understand the client's illness, and provide professional insight needed to carry out a plan of treatment.

Explanation of findings is a face-to-face meeting between mental health professional and the recipient’s:

Family Psychoeducation

The goal of family psychoeducation is to help prevent relapse or development of other related disorders and to achieve optimal mental health and long-term resilience by supporting the recipient and family in understanding these factors:

Clinical Care Consultation

Mental health clinical care consultation is communication between a mental health professional and other providers or educators, who are working with the same child. These professionals use the consultation to discuss the following:

Medical Opinion

Where a mental health condition severely impacts functioning, a Diagnostic Assessment can be used as the basis for a medical opinion to support applications for the following social security disability determinations, financial assistance, housing assistance or accommodations for disability, or other services.

Accend does not provide Diagnostic Assessments for the sole purpose of rendering a medical opinion. Please do not refer for medical opinions only.

Only in very rare cases can we offer a medical opinion to an individual who is not a current client, receiving services from our agency. If offered, a medical opinion in these cases will be time limited and valid for up to, but not more than, 90 days. If an individual who requests a medical opinion subsequently engages in services, we may be able to provide a more informed and longer-term medical opinion after a period of treatment and more comprehensive assessment.

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